Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comedy Corner

I wanted to use this time to share some funny and interesting interactions that I've personally had happen during a game. Recently, we've been playing D20 Future and its been going great. In our first session however one of my players (the pilot) did something so funny that we had to stop for a few minutes because we were laughing so hard. When they reached the bridge(remember that I said they were prisoners and that they took over the ship they were going to be transported on) he ran onto it and screamed "I want to see the captain!" Keep in mind, he is in a prison jumpsuit, and has a rifle in his hands. The bridge crew open fire and actually get a glancing blow on him. Unfazed he responds to their fire with "I can fly this ship better then anyone!" then takes cover. I was so insane that we were incapacitated with laughter. I don't know how many of you actually game, but this was one of the great moments of my group. I'll be going over past accounts and sharing more with you guys! so stay Tuned!~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After an extended hiatus.... is RTCC!

In this installment I'll go over my latest campaign :
                                                  D20 Future

I decided on this system because of my familiarity with the D20 system and decided to modify it to emulate a few other Sci-Fi systems. I started out making the PCs (Player Characters) a group of escaped prisoners. This easily got the group started because the group they escaped from was aligned with evil. That made it possible to explain any back story my players came up with. Upon breaking out they stole a starship (which helped me start the story), visited an underdeveloped planet, fought raiders, and got some crew members! Stay Tuned for more updates and my PC stats / profiles! Not to mention the return of DM's Corner!